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At Soper-Oakes Chiropractic, we strive to inform and educate, as well as diagnose and treat, every patient so that they can choose the treatment option that's right for them. By using an effective combination of treatment and education, we help you live a healthy life.

Our staff understands that better diagnosis and treatment results from trust and communication. We give our patients our undivided attention and listen to their problems. We want to ensure that we are accurately treating our patients to whatever problem they may have.

Since opening in 1998, Soper-Oakes Chiropractic has become one of the best practices in Steuben County, NY. We make it a priority to properly diagnose and treat every patient so that they can quickly get back to a healthy, happy and normal life. We’re eager to help you fulfill your goals and get the most out of what a healthy life has to offer!

We proudly use and sell products that help our clients develop and maintain a healthier lifestyle. We offer Therapeutica brand sleeping pillows that are specifically designed by certified chiropractors to promote healthier and better sleep for your back and neck. We also promote Chiro-Klenz Tea to any of our patients who are looking to do a cleanse. Chiro-Klenz makes use of carefully selected medicinal herbs to tone and restore the digestive system in a healthy and natural manner. If you are seeking a home remedy for pain, we recommend and promote Biofreeze as a more efficient alternative to ice. Biofreeze is a cold therapy that you can apply directly to the point of pain and get immediate and lasting relief.

Don't trust the health of your back and spine to anyone other than Dr. Soper-Oakes!


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